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The Best Place to Export Wood in Europe during Summer 2023

As we enter the summer of 2023, the wood industry in Europe is experiencing notable shifts in global market dynamics. The demand for wood products has been influenced by various factors, including changes in international trade relationships, geopolitical tensions, and economic outlooks. In this blog article, we will explore the current trends in European wood exports and identify the best place to export wood from Europe during the summer of 2023.

Impact of European Lumber Export Rise on the Global Market [1]:

European shipments of lumber to the US have reached record highs in 2023, making Europe a significant player in the global wood market. The surge in European softwood lumber exports to the US has led to a decline in Southern Yellow Pine domestic prices. Additionally, Europe’s share of the total Chinese import market has increased, indicating growing opportunities in Asian markets.

Auzis roundwood near factory

The success of the 2023 World of Wood Convention [2]

The International Wood Products Association (IWPA) declared the 2023 World of Wood Convention, held in Montréal, a success. This convention brought together key players in the wood industry from around the world, providing extensive networking opportunities and insights into market intelligence and regulatory compliance. The event highlighted Europe’s prominence in the global wood market, attracting attention from potential buyers and importers.

Impact of Sanctions on Russian Timber Exports [7]

Foreign trade of Russian timber has plummeted due to sanctions imposed by the EU over the conflict in Ukraine. The sanctions have led to a substantial decline in Russian timber exports to Europe, creating an opportunity for other European countries to step up their wood exports.

Analysis of the EU Timber and Wood Products Market [6]

The economic outlook in the EU has deteriorated, leading to a slowdown in EU27 tropical wood imports. Despite this, imports of tropical wood and wood furniture products from European countries have remained high compared to the previous five years.


Considering the current trends in the European wood industry during the summer of 2023, the best place to export wood from Europe could be to countries where demand is high due to factors such as increased import tariffs on Russian timber and the success of events like the 2023 World of Wood Convention. European countries should focus on leveraging their growing share in the Chinese import market and exploring opportunities in Asian countries where the demand for wood is rising.